Turkey seeks to reverse brain drain with generous research grants

In a bid to encourage scientists who have moved abroad to return home and attract foreign researchers, Turkey is offering new incentives. Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank announced on Wednesday that the government would allocate up to TL 720,000 ($95,000) for researchers from abroad to conduct studies.

Varank was speaking at an event in the capital Ankara to introduce the new stage of the International Leader Researchers Program which was launched in 2018. The program, overseen by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBITAK), aims to boost the country’s “locally-made initiative” that seeks to end dependence on industrial imports and promote national innovations and research and development.

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Ford Otosan to make $2.4B investment, largest ever for Turkish automotive industry

Ford Otosan, a joint venture of Turkey’s Koç Holding and U.S. automotive giant Ford, will make a 2 billion euro (nearly $2.4 billion) investment, the largest amount for the Turkish automotive industry to date, its chairman of the board announced Tuesday.

With the new investment, the carmakers’ factory in the industrial Kocaeli province will become Turkey’s first and only electric vehicle integrated production facility, including battery, Ali Koç told a meeting in the capital Ankara.

“Making the largest automotive investment in our history is the greatest proof of our community and our partner Ford Motor Company’s faith in our country,” he noted.

“We see this investment, which will span across 10 years, as a strategic move forward.”

Turkish king-size electric tractor ready for mass production

The development of a Turkish-made, king-size electric tractor has been completed, and the locally developed vehicle will be mass-produced as of June, the company’s head announced Monday.

“We have 25 tractors ready and waiting on our assembly line,” said Önder Yol, the chairperson of ZY Electric Tractor.

The company has already received pre-orders and sold a significant number of units, Yol told Anadolu Agency (AA) Monday.

The project has been carried out jointly with public lender Ziraat Bank. It was expected to pass onto the mass production phase by the end of 2020 but was disrupted due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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Turkey receives last high-speed train produced by Siemens

The last of the high-speed trains produced by Munich-based engineering giant Siemens for Turkish State Railways (TCDD) has reached the capital Ankara, Transport and Infrastructure Minister Adil Karaismailoğlu said Thursday.

The minister told Anadolu Agency (AA) that a total of 12 trains were produced in Germany under the contract signed with Siemens in 2018, with the first one delivered in November 2019.

He said they will be operated on the current 1,213 kilometers of high-speed train lines to meet the increasing demand fueled by the coronavirus pandemic, and on the new lines to be constructed and commissioned.

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Turkey to have 10,000 specialists for space program in 10 years

Raising a qualified workforce is vital in helping achieve the National Space Program’s objectives and Turkey aims to have at least 10,000 specialists in the next 10 years, the head of the Turkey Space Agency (TUA) said Sunday.

Hüseyin Yıldırım told Anadolu Agency (AA) that many countries have reached out hoping to carry out joint projects, but there is a real lack of qualified personnel. He stressed that the country hopes to benefit from its scientists abroad as well.

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Turkey’s new satellite Türksat 5A takes off from US

SpaceX launched a Turkish communications satellite into orbit late Thursday.

The technology company’s Falcon 9 rocket launched from Space Launch Complex 40 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in the U.S. state of Florida, carrying the Türksat 5A satellite.

The satellite will settle into orbit in four months and start service in the second half of 2021, according to Turkey’s Transport and Infrastructure Ministry, which said the nation’s frequency and orbit rights are guaranteed for the next 30 years.

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Anatolian women’s motifs on Bünyan and Yahyalı carpets under preservation

The motifs embroidered by women on famous Bünyan and Yahyalı carpets for centuries have been studied and registered with their meanings by the Kayseri Advanced Technical School for Girls.

Carpet looms that are present in almost every house in central Turkey’s Kayseri province, especially in the districts of Bünyan and Yahyalı, are fading into oblivion for reasons such as the emergence of ready-made carpets and the introduction of women into the business life.

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Witness 40-year art journey of Reha Yalnızcık with his mini-retrospective at Gallery Diani

Gallery Diani’s latest ‘40th Anniversary Solo Exhibition: From Travel Book, Various Tastes, Stamps and Postcards’ exhibit mirrors Reha Yalnızcık’s 40-year collection of art and his personal memory

Artists with authentic styles are ones who have found their own voice in their respective fields. They open up the doors to new worlds for viewers with their originality. These people, with indelible wisdom, leave a distinct mark at the very first glance of their canvas. For instance, tracking the renowned painter Gustav Klimt’s stylistic elements in each of his works is a great pleasure. His lyrical lines, extensive ornaments especially consisting of repeated shapes like circles and rectangles along with flowers, kaleidoscopic colors and figures referring to mythology and obscenity are recognizable in his oeuvre.

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Recipe of the week: Karnıyarık, meat-stuffed eggplant boats

I am a sucker for eggplant. Whenever I see them at the bazaar, I can’t help but look for small, straight ones perfect for this dish. The recipe is believed to have originated from the central Anatolian province of Sivas and was a staple of Ottoman cuisine. But attributing this dish only to central Turkey would be wrong as it is also frequently eaten in the southeastern region. There’s also a similar dish called “imam bayıldı,” which could be considered the vegetarian version – but that is a recipe for another day.

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